Texas Hog Hunting

The Texas Hog Hunting Ranch Near Lubbock

Our 5,000 acre Texas hunting ranch offers a variety of game year round such as Dove, Quail, Sand Hill Crane, a bounty of Wild Hogs & Mule Deer.

The Wild Hog Hunting Ranch Texas, near Lubbock Texas provides an exciting hog hunting experience. Elroy, our guide, has 30 years of trophy hunting experience with a wide variety of game in several different states, the last 4 years in Texas, exclusively at the Wild Hog Hunting Ranch. We are proud to have him guiding our hunts & believe he will offer you an exciting successful hunt.

The Texas Hog Hunting Ranch offers either Hog hunting on foot, a serious challenge, where our hog hunting guide will lead the hog hunters stalking the wild hogs into their Natural habitat or we offer hunting from stands if preferred.

We offer the following packages tailored to suit your needs: Meals, Lodging, In Site Transportation, Skinning, Cleaning, Quartering your harvest & Packing them on ice or if you prefer we will take them to a local processor for your convenience.


Texas Hog Hunting License and Regulations

Texas Hog Hunting regulations are very flexible. Wild hogs, also Called Feral hogs, are a non-game animal. Wild Hogs are considered a nuisance and a serious threat to farming & ranching by Texas Hog Hunting regulations. Hunters are allowed to hunt wild hogs 24 hours a day all year round. Texas Hog Hunting regulations allow the harvest of wild hogs in any fashion with any legally owned weapon, except poisoning. Texas Hog Hunting regulations do not require the wild hogs be retrieved or removed from a property.

Hog hunting in Texas has no season or bag limit. Texas hog hunting can occur anytime during the day or night with any type of legal weapon. A valid Texas hunting license is required for Texas residents. You can get Texas license information at:


For Non-residents of Texas, a 5 day Special Hunting license, Type 157 is required.



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